Women’s March for Equality?

As a woman, I appreciate what women of the past have done for me and other women. I appreciate my rights to vote, own property, choose where I work and what I do with my body.

However, what I appreciate most is what we always have had- a right to our opinion. So, to the women asking for equal rights but bashing other women these past couple of days:  Let me be clear, those who do not agree with everything you stand for, are not less of a woman.  You see, we also have rights and some of us chose not to agree with everything you stand for. It is our right.

If you were marching for women’s rights and equality then I would ask that you treat all women equally.

For example

  • Some women choose to be, stay- at- home moms. That is their right. That does not mean they are dependent on their husbands.
  • Some women choose to be pro-life. That is their right. Demonizing these women for protecting the rights of babies is hypocritical. The point of the pro-choice movement is that every woman gets to choose. If some women choose to be pro-life, then that is their choice.
  • Stop calling women who don’t agree with all your views “Trump supporters”, Crazy Conservatives” and “right wing.” Many anti-trump women simply do not agree with everything you stand for.
  • Stop saying you are insulted when a man calls you a bitch, but then call women bitches for not agreeing with you.

In addition, to some of the women that call yourselves feminists:

I find it disgusting to see you bashing men and calling for the killing of men and babies.  I find it disgusting that you call for the extinction of white men. However, it is your right and you have freedom of speech. Nevertheless, you do not speak for me and I do not agree with you.

I will not call myself a feminist because I refuse to have a label that involves the above.  Of course, this may not be true of all feminists, but how does society distinguish the male haters from those simply seeking equality?

I am one of those women who believes in rights for everyone — especially children. I have a long history of advocating for women and children and I am a survivor of child sexual abuse.  I do not hate men and I do not blame men.  I do not bash men or call women who do not support my views horrible names.  I refuse to be a victim and I will not blame my hardships on anyone. I do not need to march because I do not feel I have less rights based on my gender. I create my future, and I make my choices I am capable of fighting for and obtaining my own equality. However, that is just me. Don’t attack me for it.

Women need to stick together and not be hypocritical. Women need to stick together and not bash each other and women need to stop bullying other women. I find it very sad that the very women who are at the forefront of the women’s rights movement are the ones bullying other women.

And for Ashley Judd, your words regarding Trumps daughter show that you are part of the problem.  Shame on you!


Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect

All states require that if certain defined persons know or suspect that child abuse is going on, they report the abuse to the authorities.

Mandatory vs. Permissive Reporting

Though the states may differ with regard to who is a mandatory reporter, in every state everyone is permitted to report child abuse. A person who reports child abuse voluntarily is known as a permissive reporter.

Each state is different but usually these professions are mandated.

  • Day care workers
  • Dental assistants and hygienists
  • Doctors’ office staff persons
  • Emergency medical technicians
  • Family practitioners
  • Foster care workers
  • Hospital personnel
  • Medical examiners
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Police officers
  • Practical nurses
  • Psychiatrists and psychologists
  • Registered nurses
  • School administrators, advisors, and paraprofessionals
  • Social workers

Here is the info on mandatory reporting. Please check your state to see who is mandated.


Mandatory Reporting



Megyn Kelly Fails Children

This post was written with the assumption that readers are familiar with the #pizzagate scandal.  If you are not, links are provided at the bottom.

Megyn Kelly, Host of the Fox News show The Kelly File, failed children and victims by not asking questions to an accused child rapist/abuser. When Megyn Kelly decided to have James Alefantis on her show, viewers had hoped that she would ask the questions that thousands of Americans sent to her.

However, despite all the outcry and concern from the public, Kelly instead expressed concern for Alefantis and ignored her audience and the genuine concern for not only American people but people worldwide. Tens of thousands of people sent Kelly tweets and Facebook posts with the hashtag #AskAlefantis. The public’s reason for the hashtags was a concern for children that were photographed with Alefantis or in his restaurant.

James Alefantis aka “Jimmy Comet” is the owner of the Washington DC pizza parlor, Comet Ping Pong. His Instagram became a public spectacle when photos of children were discovered on his account with questionable and disturbing hashtags and comments. Most concerning were posted by Alefantis himself. The comments and hashtags linked to the photos were sexual in nature and included hashtags with pedophile references and even used the hashtags #murder and #killroom. The artwork displayed inside his “family friendly” restaurant are also very disturbing and portray violence and what appears to be child sex abuse.

The public is showing concern for the children that appeared in the photos. They are concerned for their well-being and have every right to question if these children are safe. Megyn Kelly had an opportunity to ask about these children. She had the opportunity to ask about the children’s whereabouts and the children’s parents. She had the opportunity to ask why children were used in photos with sexual comments and hashtags. Instead, Kelly showed one photo of a child and blacked out the comments and hashtags. She used her interview time to claim Alefantis is the victim of public scrutiny and harassment. She then went on to call the outrage “fake news”.

Megyn Kelly’s disregard for her viewers concern is questionable and certainly unbecoming of anyone in the media. However, her blatant disregard for the welfare of the children in those photos is absolutely despicable. She may not have had an obligation as a “media personality” to ask Alefantis the questions thousands of people expected, but she did have a responsibility to those children as a decent human, an American and as a mother herself.

If these children are not safe or suffered after the airing of her show, she too should be held responsible as she did nothing to ensure their safety. She had documents, photos, emails and direct messages from thousands of concerned citizens. None of that mattered to Kelly. But James Alefantis obviously mattered as she treated the accused as the victim.

Ignoring questionable images regarding children and sex abuse makes Megyn Kelly part of the rape and child abuse problem throughout the world. More importantly, she failed these children and children around the world. For those children who are being abused, they likely hold on to one thing: Hope. The hope that someone would report or at the very least ensure they were safe.

Let’s face it, if this were “fake news” Megyn Kelly, Fox News and any of the Main Stream Media certainly could have asked questions or investigated the allegations and proved the so-called “conspiracy theorists” wrong. To date, these children have not been identified and Kelly and the media refuse to acknowledge any of them or answer any of the public’s questions.

Perhaps talk show hosts and journalists should follow the same standards as mandated reporters and suffer the same consequences as those who do not report suspected child abuse.


Actual Instagram Photos from Comet Pizza and Followers

Pizzagate Photos and Updates

Pizzagate Video Explanation 

Inside Comet Pizza

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Megyn Kelly Interview with James Alefantis

Honoring Those Who Stopped Rape

As 2016 comes to an end, many reflect on the biggest news reported by our mainstream media.  Indeed, the year was filled with compelling stories, heartbreaking tragedies and political madness.  This year will likely go down in history as the year that divided Americans.   One of the headlines that created a divide was the Broch Turner case and the issues of sentencing by judges in regards to rape.  Media covered the outrage of one side and the empathy of the other. Americans protested, lashed out on social media and called for Judge Perskey to be disciplined.

The media loves controversy and these stories draw attention and the media loves celebrities because they make great entertainment. Sadly, those who deserve the spotlight and can bring about hope or inspire others are seldom reported.

After a year of America divided, perhaps we can focus on these stories that may have gotten lost.  The people who deserve the headlines and could possibly inspire us to come together, work together and help each other.

To the heroes above; while your story may have not have been featured as much as it should, people everywhere will share your story.  It is people like you that give hope to others.  It is people like you that motivate others to do the right thing.  It is people like you that indeed make a difference in our world, in our families, in our lives.

We thank you for your bravery and courage.  You will be remembered as a hero of 2016.